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About Me

My name is Julien Wulfgar. I am an Autistic, local business owner in Omaha, NE. I am proud of who I am, and what I continue to accomplish with my business. Taking care of animals is not my side hustle or means of supplementary income. You and your pets are my focus and my joy. That is the foundation of my philosophy.


“It has been hard to find someone reliable and consistent to let out and walk our very feisty little dog, Max. I’ve always been worried that he might not relate well to a stranger. To call him a difficult dog is an understatement. But Julien instantly put my mind at ease and I know she will always be there for us when she said says she will be – a rare quality these days."

“I have a sweet but hyperanxious pup who is reactive around strangers, human and canine. Julien has been an attentive listener, helping me find solutions so that my family could keep our buddy. She even took him on a holiday while we had guests. She has helped us when we were locked out of the house. She treats us like family and always goes the extra mile.”

“I have been using Julien to walk our dogs for more than a year now.  We have trusted her to come to our house and play with them/ let them out etc. when we are gone.  She is trustworthy and exceptional with dogs.  She relates very well to animals.  Julien is very reliable and punctual.  If there is a delay she will always communicate that. She also seems to know a lot of people and resources in the community and tries to help to connect people to what they need or shares information.”

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